"We facilitate an athlete’s ability to create, as well as maintain substantial influence, inside and outside their sport. "

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Who is Xavier Scruggs?

While playing winter ball in Columbia, Xavier Scruggs discovered the power of documenting his experiences as an athlete. He was just a minor leaguer at the time, but the response from fans and followers opened his eyes to the impact that athletes can make when they leverage their platform. Xavier’s belief that anyone can use their platform to influence those around them and his desire to invest in the next generation of influencers is on display daily as he transitions from Major League Baseball player to CEO of Xtraordinary Athletes.

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Programs built by current and former professional athletes
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The Xtraordinary
Athletes Podcast

Hosted by Xavier Scruggs

What People Are Saying...

"I really liked it. It was very fun and hands-on, but also educational, and I can't wait to do it again."

Tyler D. - Player

"Thank you for creating such an amazing event. The Xtraordinary Skills Challenge is just what youth ball players need; a day of fun and learning about the game that they love."

Carol M. - Parent

"We will be back for the next one!"